Adventures in Time

The Sumerians, Session 2

4100 B.C; The 120th Year of King Enmerkar; June 19

Name CP CP Unused Player CP Issued
Ananda 25 5 Ananda 1
Aurora 25 91 Aurora 1
Tristan 25 85 Tristan 1

Our heroes, battered and bruised from their encounter with the local toughs, take temporary respite in a pleasant garden. Unfortunately, Aurora’s curiosity gets the better of her and she feels the need to first knock on, then attempt to open, the door at the back of the garden. This gets them both forcibly evicted from the garden by its owner.

Their rest interrupted, Aurora and Tristan, tired and injured, wander around the city attempting to find some measure of sustenance. Aurora conceives of finding some sort of receptacle for their desired alms, and discovers the cast-off bottom of a broken clay pot lying forgotten in some corner. This apparently helped her chances, as she managed to score a couple of old-but-edible vegetables through her pleas. Tristan, accompanying her, has no such luck, and Aurora consumes them alone.

Meanwhile, Ananda, having wandered the city in hopes of having better luck on her own, similarly fails to beg any scraps of food from passerby. However, having a keener observation and greater appreciation for her surroundings provides her a fillip of solace.

Eventually, night falls, and each child attempts to find his or her own place to sleep. Ananda makes her way back to their original alley; Tristan wanders for hours attempting to find it and eventually collapses in a corner between buildings; and Aurora knocks on doors until she finds a kind soul who allows her to sleep in the back with his oxen.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


Calion Calion

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