Adventures in Time

The Sumerians, Session 1
4100 B.C; The 120th Year of King Enmerkar, June 19

[The Campaign Date is wild speculation on the part of the GM, and the in-game dating is pure fancy. Enmerkar might possibly have existed, and may have founded Uruk. There history ends.]

Name CP CP Unused Player CP Issued
Ananda 25 5 Ananda
Aurora 25 91 Aurora
Rrrraareerwrr 25 85 Tristan

The characters awake in a dank, dark alley, quickly discovering themselves to be quite hungry. As they regain their bearings, they realize that they are not quite themselves; they have brown skin, are dressed in rags, and seem to be speaking a language other than English. After further enquiries of their fellow alley-denizens, they uncover the fact that they seem to have been transported here with their siblings—possibly. Their identities seem somewhat muddled. The smallest of them identifies himself as an incoherent growl.

As the day brightens, their hunger and thirst move them to explore their surroundings. They move to exit the alleyway, which they can now see is narrow, cobbled with stone, and bordered by mud-brick buildings. As they do so, Aurora and the character formerly known as Tristan find themselves splashed with the contents of a chamber pot that has been dumped out of a second-story window.

After some futile attempts to gain some intelligence from passerby (who seem to be as brown-skinned and dark-haired as they, and are wearing loose clothing and often pulling carts), the characters make their way down to a canal to have a drink and wash the refuse off their bodies. Somewhere in this process, Ananda becomes MIA.

Their hunger now exhibiting itself fiercely, they travel to the local bazaar to attempt to beg some food. After some hours of unsuccessful groveling, a kindly old man gives them a hunk of cooked meat and an earthen jug of wine. This seemingly happy event was to turn out to have unfortunate consequences for the remaining PCs.

The characters retreated into the solitude of an alleyway to consume their treasures. After they had imbibed no more than a few bites of the unidentified meat and a sip or two of wine, they are accosted by three teenaged ruffians who demand their spoils. Tristan begins to flee, at first successfully evading the thug who takes off after him. Aurora refuses her accoster’s demand, which earns her a violent kick in the abdomen. Tristan, out of overconfidence or a desire to help his companion, reverses direction and bolts full-speed back up the alleyway. This unwise decision takes him right past his pursuer, who reaches out and snags him.

Meanwhile, Aurora agrees that the food and wine is better off in the hands of her attacker (now identified by one of his companions as “Enlip”), and limps off, without further molestation, to find a place to collapse and recover. Tristan attempts to exchange blows with his captor, but comes out much the worse in the exchange. He, too, relinquishes his victuals, and the battered pair wind up collapsed in a private garden which opens off the alleyway.

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