Adventures in Time

The Sumerians, Session 3

3300 B.C; The 120th Year of King Enmerkar, June 21

Name CP CP Unused Player CP Spent CP Issued
Ananda 25 5 Ananda 0 0
Aurora 25 90 Aurora 2 1
Tristan 25 85 Tristan 0 0

Aurora, having had a somewhat restful night in the ox stable, emerges to pursue her newfound career of panhandling. Clearly she has put some thought into how best to accomplish her ends, because she has much more success than in the past, scoring a loaf of bread, some fresh fruit, and a small container of butter in her first hour of begging. In the process, she hears snarling coming from around a corner, and while moving away from the sounds, sees two dogs fighting over a meaty bone coming toward her. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, she retreats, and continues her panhandling, netting some additional bread. Moving to a new location, she encounters her old adversaries: Enlip and his crew, accosting a well-dressed but defiant young boy. Aurora throws a hunk of mud-brick at Enlip, but misses and hits the boy. This diverts the attention of the thugs for a moment, so the boy attacks, kicking at Enlip. Aurora turns to flee, but runs face-first into a palace guard, who grabs her and accuses her of assaulting the boy, whom he calls Gilgamesh. The thugs quickly melt into the distance, leaving Aurora protesting her innocents while she is being dragged to the palace to face justice. When she arrives in the temple district, she marvels at its beauty and asks where she is. She is informed, somewhat incredulously, that she is at the temple of Inanna, and that any citizen of Uruk should know this.


Calion Calion

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