Adventures in Time

The Sumerians, Session 4

3300 B.C; The 120th Year of King Enmerkar, June 21

Name CP CP Unused Player CP Earned CP Spent CP Issued
Ananda 25 5 Ananda 1 0 0
Aurora 25 90 Aurora 1 0 1
Tristan 25 85 Tristan 2 0 1

Aurora wakes up to find herself in the ox stall, and realizes that her encounters with the dogs and the young noble were merely an unusually vivid dream. She rises and decides to head to the market in hopes of getting some food or encountering Tristan. As in her dream, she finds significantly more success than in the past, gaining two loaves of bread for her troubles. She eats one for breakfast and saves the other for the future.

Tristan also rises, from the filth-encrusted corner he found to sleep in. Starving and lost, he attempts to find his way to somewhere that has food and/or friends. In his wandering, he encounters a river—not the canal they found before, but a wide and bustling river, filled with boats, with men fishing and unloading goods on the shore. He attempts to beg some food from the fishermen, but is brushed away disdainfully. Finally, he conceives of asking for directions to the marketplace, where he may be more likely to find kindhearted souls to donate to his bleak cause, or, just possibly, his siblings.

He approaches what seems to be some kind of foreman—he is is standing at a table on a stone pier, seemingly overseeing the transfer of goods from a river raft to the shore. He is putting clay tokens of various shapes—pyramids, cubes, spheres—into clay bowls. He responds to Tristan’s request for directions with dismissive haughtiness, but inadvertently gives him the information he wanted in the process of telling him off and explaining the importance of the counting he is doing.

Tristan follows the directions he was given, but before he can reach the marketplace, he encounters two snarling dogs fighting over a meaty bone. Aurora, hearing the same commotion from the other side and remembering something similar from her dream, warily approaches the scene. By throwing bits of bread, she manages to first distract one dog so that the other has the chance to scoop up the bone and run away with it, and then distract it again so that she and Tristan can exit the alley and flee to the marketplace.


Calion Calion

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