Character Advancement

CP can be earned in several ways:

  • Exceptional roleplaying will earn one or two CP at the end of the session.
  • Extraordinary gameplay or in-game contributions (saying something really funny, making some amazing move) can, at the GM’s sole discretion, earn 1 CP.
  • Completing major or minor quests will earn four or two CP, respectively.
  • Developing your character through character portraits, journals or histories can earn between 1 and 3 CP for each item, but that is not expected in this campaign, especially if you are playing yourself.
  • Improving the campaign by creating or modifying wiki entries, etc. can earn between 1 and 3 CP per instance, but this is not encouraged or expected in this campaign.
  • Reading the log earns 1 CP. If reading the log is split between players, each earns 1 CP.
  • The primary way character points are earned in Adventures in Time is through out-of-game research.
    • Preparing a written report on a subject related to the adventure setting or desired skill can earn up to 4 CP, depending on quality. Legibly handwritten reports are worth more than typed ones.
    • Giving an oral report on a subject related to the adventure setting or desired skill can earn up to 3 CP.
    • Reading from a published source the player has discovered which provides useful information about the adventure setting or a desired skill will earn 1 or 2 CP depending on quality of source, relevance, and research effort.
    • Demonstrating actual proficiency in a given skill grants that skill to that skill level. This does not apply if you have created a custom character.
    • Creating some physical object (craft, artwork, etc.) or performing some representative demonstration that is not actual proficiency in a skill that is relevant to the adventure or their character grants CP in the same manner as a written report.

Repeating the same research subject suffers diminishing returns. Making a nice clay pot may be worth four CP the first time, but perhaps only two the next, one the third, and none after that.

Characters begin play with 25 CP. GM-created characters which are modeled on the players will very likely not use the entire 25 CP; indeed, they may have a negative total. Such characters can spend a CP from their “reserve” for every CP they earn in-game.

At present, characters may be worth no more than 50 CP. CP earned after that (or before that, for that matter) may be used for Luck or to retrain existing skills or change existing attributes—but the total point value of the character may not exceed 50 CP. This reflects the fact that skills degrade over time, including things like Strength and Dexterity, if they’re not used (Intelligence too!). So to raise a skill, you have to spend the normal amount of points to do so, but also subtract the same number of points from one or more other skills or attributes.

Players playing GM-created characters may spend CP on Advantages (and gain them from Disadvantages, with the GM’s permission) until their character reaches 25 CP in value.

Character Advancement

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